Asset Tracking with RFID and Barcode

RFID is a powerful technology that allows for fast and effective data collection. With RFID line of sight is not required and a multitude of tags can be scanned in a matter of seconds. Grey Trunk RFID asset tracking software allows users to cost effectively use RFID in your asset tracking processes.

The RFID capability can be used during the inventory process of assets. RFID asset tracking can also be used to perform bulk actions on items. This allows for fast data collection that saves you time and money. You simply pair the RFID mobile scanner with an Android or IOS mobile device via Bluetooth through the Grey Trunk asset tracking app.

If you aren’t ready for RFID asset tracking yet or don’t want to make the added investment, users can utilize the barcode reader built into the Grey Trunk asset tracking app for inventory, searching, and bulk actions for assets. No additional hardware is needed. Grey Trunk recommends ordering RFID tags that have a Barcode that match the RFID data so you can easily transition to RFID when the time is right for your business.