RFID Asset Tracking System with Unlimited Users

Grey Trunk RFID asset tracking software comes with no strings attached. Once you have an account with Grey Trunk RFID you can add as many users and/or employees as you need to help the system fit your business style. There is no need to pay extra for additional account access. Its your data, we want you to share it with those that need it and protect it from those who don’t.

The users can be added by implementing an email address. An email gets sent to your users of the system and they can create an account under yours. Employees can be added to the system as well. Employees are people within the organization that do not need access to the system, but you may check items out to.

The admin can setup permissions on a per user basis. Giving users access to the parts of the system they need and restricting access from areas that they don’t. This is another way to keep your data accurate and secure. Unlimited user keeps it simple, helps keep costs down and helps streamline processes of your asset management tracking.