Fixed Asset Tracking Software

Track the location, depreciation, maintenace, and entire lifecycle of every fixed asset your business owns.

Why Track Fixed Assets?

Fixed asset management gives you complete control over every fixed asset in your operation. Keeping the most vital pieces of your operation is key to the overall success of the business. Understand the entire asset lifecycle from the day you purchase the asset to the day you retire it. Plus, save money on insurance and taxes because of fast, efficient, and accurate inventory audits!

Why track fixed assets with asset management software

How Does It Work?

Simply add your assets to the Grey Trunk RFID fixed asset tracking software to begin tracking fixed assets. Each asset will be tagged with an RFID or barcode asset tag which can easily be scanned to search, perform audits, or check-in and check-out.

The best fixed asset tracking software using RFID and barcode asset tags

What Should You Track?

Companies should be tracking assets that they own and expect to use in the business for more than one year. This could include anything from IT assets, furniture, equipment, and machinery. Assets are critical to the operation of a business.

What fixed assets should you be tracking for a fixed asset inventory?

Who Is It For?

Fixed asset tracking can be used for virtually any industry that needs to manage and track its fixed asset inventory. Grey Trunk RFID has worked with companies in various industries including: Lawn and Landscaping, Medical, Education, Financial Institutions, Construction, and many more!

Who is asset tracking software for?

What Are the Benefits of Tracking Fixed Assets?

  • Improved Asset Visibility:Fixed asset tracking software lets your organization know where your assets are located.
  • Increased Efficiency:Grey Trunk RFID can save you time by sending you reports on depreciation and maintenance schedules.
  • Cost Savings:Your organization will save money when it doesn't have to spend money on replacements that they don't actually need.
What Are the Benefits of Tracking Fixed Assets?

The Upsides of Organized Assets

There are two other benefits to using fixed asset tracking software such as Grey Trunk RFID.

  • Compliance: Keeping things neat allows companies to comply with financial reporting standards and laws
  • Improved Decision Making: Understanding the history of your assets allows you to make better purchasing and business decisions.
  • The Upsides of Organized Assets

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    Grey Trunk is the best asset tracking software to manage and track your company's fixed assets. See how easy it is to get started!


    Grey Trunk RFID provides everything you need for fixed asset tracking and fixed asset inventory software.


    Integrates seamlessly with your current handheld devices—Grey Trunk makes your fixed asset inventory easy.

    RFID and Barcode

    Use the technology that makes sense for your business whether that is barcode, RFID, or a combo of both.

    Check in / Check out

    Check in and check out fixed assets with ease to always know where your assets are or who is responsible.

    Unlimited Users

    Our asset tracking software provides access to an unlimited number of sub-users so you can make sure everyone is able to manage your assets collectively.

    Fixed Asset Inventory Audits

    Generate inventory audits every time a user performs a scan to provide a list of found, missing, misplaced, and new assets.

    Cloud Based Asset Tracking

    Your inventory is always moving—so you need a mobile way to track it, too. Grey Trunk RFID enables you to manage your assets from anywhere, on any device.


    Your Assets, Managed.

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