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The best RFID asset tracking software to reduce lost equipment, increase productivity, and eliminate unnecessary asset costs. Your entire asset inventory available in the palm of your hands.

A cloud based asset tracking software for mobile and web

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"Finally a great RFID option for small businesses! Grey Trunk's customer service during setup (and beyond) is top-notch."

"Totally satisfied with Grey Trunk. This is the best product I've ever seen for RFID physical inventory."

"Getting started was a breeze. Grey Trunk made it painless to upload our current equipment spreadsheet and get rolling immediately."

"Our old barcode system took forever. With Grey Trunk, we can complete our full physical inventory in less than HALF the time."

Your Complete RFID Asset Tracking System

Grey Trunk’s cloud-based asset tracking system makes asset tracking fast and simple. Eliminate hours of work using RFID and barcode technology to easily find and catalog your assets. Grey Trunk's asset tracking app has it all - from mobile to web, we have your asset management tracking solution so you can take control of your assets, from anywhere.

Capture Your Fixed Asset Inventory in Minutes

Stop wasting time on inventory management. Harness RFID technology to know which assets are found, missing, misplaced, or new to your system—in minutes, not hours or days. Spend more time running your business instead of running in circles.

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Your Turnkey RFID Asset Tracking Solution

We make RFID easy. Grey Trunk gives you an all-in-one system including software, RFID tags, and handheld readers. We’re ready to go from the minute you sign up—meaning transitioning to Grey Trunk couldn’t be easier.

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Locate Specific Assets—Quick and Easy

Grey Trunk is like a metal detector for your RFID assets. We’ll help you dig up missing items and save you countless hours of frustration. There’s nothing worse than losing inventory, and nothing better than being able to watch it like a hawk.

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Bulk Check In and Check Out—Instantly

No more manual counting, no more scanning individual barcodes—Grey Trunk empowers you to scan, check in and check out multiple items instantly. You won’t believe how much time you’re going to save.

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Grey Trunk provides everything you need for RFID
Asset tracking and inventory managment

Capture Data Instantly

Know where everything is in real time—all the time. Capture data instantly and effortlessly, and get on with managing your business.

Save Money

Reduce human error, recover and prevent lost assets—all at a fraction of the cost you’d expect.

Bulk Check In/Out

Process multiple assets easily and instantly—gone are the days of manually checking each item.

Track On the Go

Automate and track your assets in the palm of your hand. If you have a phone, you’re ready to go.

Save Time

Cut down time wasted on cumbersome inventory management to mere minutes instead of hours or days.

Zero Hassle

Integrates seamlessly with your current handheld devices—Grey Trunk just makes your life easier.

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Every Plan Includes:
  • RFID + Barcode Scanning Capabilities
  • IOS or Andriod Mobile App
  • Unlimited Sub Users
  • Custom Reporting
  • Complete Asset History
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Calculate Asset Depreciation
  • Check in/ Check out

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Frequently Asked RFID Asset Tracking Questions

What is RFID asset tracking?

RFID asset tracking is the method of tracking and managing your physical assets (such as computers, equipment, tools, furniture, etc.) by using either a barcode or RFID tag.  You can capture important information about the asset, such as the status or location, simply by scanning the asset tag.  When a change is made, assets can be easily updated in a centralized catalog using a RFID asset software cloud based service, such as Grey Trunk RFID.

What is a ghost asset?

A ghost asset is a fixed asset that is on a general ledger that cannot be accounted for because it is either physically missing or deemed unusable.  In a Gartner study, it is found that an average company will have anywhere from 15% - 30% of ghost assets in their inventory.  The best way to eliminate ghost assets is by performing physical asset inventories on a regular schedule using fixed asset tracking software

Why RFID asset tracking is important?

Every business needs to understand what assets they have purchased, where their assets are, and the status of their assets.  Many businesses are constantly searching for assets or losing assets which results in wasted productivity, duplicate purchases, and unnecessary purchasing which increase costs.  Your goal is to get the most out of each asset you purchase. 

What is the difference between barcode and RFID?

Barcodes require line of sight, meaning you must physically find and scan each individual barcode with your mobile device’s camera. 

RFID asset tracking does not require line of sight.  You can capture multiple tags at once if you are in range of the RFID tag.  This is very useful when conducting inventory audits with RFID asset management tracking software.  Walk into a room, scan everything in seconds, and move onto the next location.  RFID scanning does require an additional piece of hardware that Bluetooth connects to your mobile device.

When deciding between RFID vs. barcode, consider this.  The best RFID asset tracking software gives you the ability to scan both RFID and barcode asset tags.

How do you track assets with RFID asset tracking software?

To track your fixed assets successfully, you will need three main components for a mobile RFID asset tracking system. 

First, you need the proper RFID tag with a unique serial number to affix to the asset. 

Secondly, you will need a Bluetooth handheld RFID reader that will Bluetooth connect to your mobile device, either Android or iOS. 

And finally, you need the Grey Trunk RFID app to be able to make sense of the data you are scanning in the Grey Trunk RFID asset tracking software database.  When taking an inventory, you will be asked to choose the site and location that you will be doing an inventory.  After you scan, the RFID software will provide a quick audit with what you found, what is missing, what is misplaced, and any new assets not in the database. 

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